Are these projects EE oriented?

While our organization appears to be in the ECE field, our projects are very interdisciplinary. Software and MAE support are equally pivotal. We welcome people of any major and background.

How many hours are we expected to commit for an annual project?

It depends on which project you are applying for, but in general it is about 5-6 hours per week assuming your team doesn’t procrastinate and everybody in the team is contributing. However, in the past most teams spent 1-2 hours per week during Fall and Winter quarters and 10+ hours per week during the Spring quarter.

How many teams are there for each annual project? And how many people are their in a team?

Grand PrIEEE and Micromouse each have about 7 teams and around 5 students per team. RoboCup Soccer is estimated to have about 3-4 teams, with 5-8 students per team. Project Drive ONLY has one team of 6-10 people.

What are the differences between QP (Quarterly Projects) and AP (Annual Projects)?

QP recruits and operates quarterly, while AP recruits in fall and winter for a year-long project. QP generally touches on a broad range of engineering topics, while AP focuses on robotics/autonomous vehicles with more in-depth engineering.

Can I apply to and get involved in both Quarterly Projects and Annual Projects?

While you can apply to both and work on both at the same time, we strongly recommend NOT doing so.

Can I apply to and get involved in multiple annual projects?

Each applicant can apply to a maximum of two annual projects but will only be accepted to one annual project for the current school year.

Is there a ranking for the projects in terms of their technical difficulty?

Subjectively speaking, Grand PrIEEE < MicroMouse < Project Drive <= RoboCup Soccer, ranked by difficulty. However, it really depends on your technical background. Having experience in the same or a similar project does make a big difference.

Do I have to be in a engineering major to apply and do projects at IEEE@UCSD?

Not at all, we welcome students from all majors.

Will there be another application for annual projects opening during the Winter or Spring quarter?

Yes, there will be an application open during winter quarter if space is available, but NO applications will be open in the spring quarter.

What constitutes a competitive application? 

In general, having a solid technical background relevant to the project should make one’s application strong, but showing enthusiasm for the project and team spirit can also contribute significantly to a competitive application. 

If I have no experience or technical background with the project at all, do I still have a chance to be accepted?

Yes, we will be accepting a mix of both experienced and inexperienced students.  

In the application, how does the first choice and the second choice differ through the application process?

Your first choice should be the project you are most interested in. If you qualify for both your first choice and second choice, you will be accepted to your first choice.

Can I select one project as both of my first choice and second choice in the application?

Yes, but if you are not admitted to that project you will lose your chance for an alternative project.

My best friends want to be on the same team as me, is that possible?

While not guaranteed, it is possible. You can request teammates on the application form.

Is leadership experience necessary to apply as a team lead?

Past leadership experience is beneficial but not necessary to apply for team lead.

Will there be an interview during the application process?

Yes, IF you are applying for team lead positions in Micromouse, Grand PrIEEE, and RoboCup Soccer. Project Drive only has one team, so applicants may be interviewed to supplement the information on their applications.

Do I have to pay money to apply for or participate in a project? Do we have to buy our own parts?

No, you don’t need to pay money to apply. However, we do require every participant to have an IEEE membership at IEEE.org ($32/year). This money does not go to IEEE at UCSD.
We will provide a certain amount of reimbursement for the parts your team decides to purchase. This reimbursement will cover most, if not all, of your required budget.

What happened to the QuadCopter project that IEEE has offered in the past?

Unfortunately, the QuadCopter project has not met expectations for the past few years. Since the IARC competition shifted to Mission 8, the project became more challenging both technically and financially. Therefore we have decided to temporarily suspend the QuadCopter project this year in order to save resources for other projects. However, we still have somewhat sufficient hardware to build a drone. If anybody is interested in running the QuadCopter project, please email ieee.ucsd.project@gmail.com.

Why is Project drive preparing for an different competition this year?

The SparkAVC competition is officially retired: https://avc.sparkfun.com. We are looking into F1tenth as an alternative: http://f1tenth.org/ .

Can we attend competitions at another school using the robots we build in one of the projects?

Yes, we strongly recommend doing so.

Will we be able to take our robots home after the competition?

You may take home your parts or robot to work on it, but we ask that you return certain parts of the robot that we provide.

How do I become an IEEE officer @IEEE UCSD student branch?

The officer’s application opens in the Spring quarter, and there will be elections. Your involvement in projects, events, and volunteering will improve your chances in the election.