The IEEE UCSD Micromouse project was founded in fall 2006 and consists of 6~7 UCSD teams of five people.  Since 2011, IEEE UCSD has been hosting the California Micromouse Competition (CAMM), introduced by IEEE in 1977, and is now part of the UCSD Robofest, a celebration of the robotic projects in UCSD.  In the Micromouse project, student-led teams create an autonomous robotic ‘mice’ programmed to solve a 16×16 cell maze in the shortest amount of time. The mice has 10 attempts to travels from a designated corner of the maze to the center of the maze without any outside assistance.

Technical Highlights and Skills involved:

  • PCB design using EagleCAD or Altium
  • Surface mount soldering
  • Sampling and processing data from sensors (Infrared, Gyroscope, Motor Encoders, etc)
  • Embedded system and programming (Arduino, STM32, etc)
  • PID control
  • Search Algorithms (Floodfill, A-star, etc)
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6. Final Product

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